Siren - Priestess

If you've recently been to shows in Milwaukee, odds are that you've seen Siren (of New Age Narcissism) rock the stage at least once. The remarkable vocalist has played a seemingly infinite number of shows around the area in the past year, building a following through her dynamic live performance. In fact, it's probably more likely that you've seen her perform than heard her music on the web. July 2015's 'Queen Medusa' has been her only solo release - until now. So this is pretty exciting. 

'Priestess' is a return for more than one seemingly missing artist, with production from Mic Kellogg. The Milwaukee hip-hop favorite hasn't dropped anything since being a part of 4 releases between March and May. You could call his production here many things; cinematic, atmospheric, epic, the perfect backdrop for an empowering anthem. As Siren tells These Days, 'Priestess' is about demanding respect and equality [for women], and draws from inspirations from songs like Kanye's 'I Am A God'. If a man can go on record telling everyone that he should be worshipped, so can a woman. 

Stream below, and be sure to keep close tabs on Siren - an EP is on the way.