PREMIERE - WC Tank - wesleyville

Today, Milwaukee-based musician, WC Tank, drops an experimental and poetically driven track entitled 'wesleyville'. With analog tendencies and off kilter break-beats, WC Tank brings us a stream of conscious experience. We can only imagine the subject matter has some double meaning to it.

Tank recently shed some light onto this for us, "Its called wesleyville and its about places I go inside my head, as well as an actual town in Pensylvannia." WC Tank can only be described as an artist, as he involves himself in various mediums and projects. Also working as a videographer, Tank was on a long drive to upstate New York to teach a video class at Adriondack Camp where he saw the exit for 'wesleyville'. "I couldn't resist even though I was behind schedule," Tank explains, "I ended up getting super lost and on some back roads and never actually found the town. This was in the days before smart phones and my GPS lost satellite reception. Somehow I found my way to Naigra Falls where I slept for the night. Not actually in the falls but close enough to feel the mist."

'wesleyville' clearly illustrates the wacky and wavering direction from both the trip and Tank's own mind. The lyrical content flows in and out, sometimes layering over each other. "A second ago I lost my mind. Sometimes the present feels like the second time. De ja vu, all over again." Tank's way with words is served up strong, full embodying the complexity of the musician's internal and external reality.

To catch it live, make sure to catch WC Tank live in Milwaukee this Saturday, September 10th at the Cactus Club, with Astronautalis w/ Oxymorrons.

If you can't make it over there, don't fret - you can see WC Tank along with one of our favorites Dad on Wednesday, September 14th at Company Brewing. 

We are pleased to premiere for you, 'wesleyville' by WC Tank.