Dequadray - Marathon (Video)

Words by Evan Froiland 

It's the first day of the year. Perhaps you need something to keep you moving. Dequadray's new video for 'Marathon' is just that.

Atlanta-raised Dequadray is a part of UW-Madison's First Wave Program, a scholarship program that brings together likeminded creatives with a focus upon hip-hop. The 'Marathon' video embodies the program's success, with fellow First Waver Niko Hagen shooting and editing the production, as well as members Solomon Roller and Jasmine Kiah starring. 

This R&B cut is an uplifting and soulful vibe, and the video's just the same. Dequadray gave some words about it: 

The message of 'Marathon' is to inspire people to continue through any hardships they face. Like, I literally visualize every year as a race with hurdles that I have to overcome to grow and become stronger. To remind people that they have the strength in themselves to keep on keeping on. I also wanted to say that sometimes all you need is patience. Don't try to rush something. Everything happens in due time and for a reason.
INDECENCE is the producer that made the beat. I found it for free on Bandcamp, emailed them, and started writing. I wrote the song in like an hour and a half. I recorded it in my friend Cortez's dorm room. He mixed it and mastered it. He calls it "Do it Yourself Studios" and has Sprites on the side for refreshments. Everybody I work with, we are just learning and growing together. I have a full project on the way and you will see exactly what I mean.
The concept of the video came from Niko first. Niko wanted to film Solomon (dancer) struggling to do certain dance moves to show how practice and persistence makes perfect. Then I was like, "we should have a student struggling through math because all of our friends were having a hard time with it, and it would give us a chance to shoot in the cool library". So it was a collaborative effort. I really love working with Niko because he was so determined to make sure he got the best shots with the best quality. I look forward to working together again.

We certainly look forward to it too. Keep up with Dequadray on Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube