PREMIERE: Deadset - Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

by: Ali Shana

With dimly lit visuals to accompany their latest single, Deadset starts off the new year with ‘Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder'. The video was produced and edited by the group's guitarist Brian Radmond. Much like the video, ‘Absinthe’ was brought to life by the band, with each member recording their parts individually.

While their previous music videos were largely performance-based, the clip for "Absinthe" boasts a more fully realized aesthetic. Thanks to shots provided by Andy Parmann, Andres Aguilar and Leah Kasper, the clip illustrates an eerie cult-esque mood that steadily builds over the course of roughly three minutes.

Since their 2014 debut Now & Always , Deadset have specialized in writing emotive hardcore songs. While comparisons to acts like Defeater and Pianos Become The Teeth are appropriate, "Absinthe" shows quite a bit of growth from the band's last offering. Ryan Gehrig’s confessional lyrics are accompanied by Radmond’s impassioned screaming.

The refrain of “when you smile, it makes me smile” gives a sense of intimacy to the listener. The interwoven sounds of two guitars collide into each other with intricacy. Drummer Josiah Kuechenmeister and bassist Josh Rardin provide a strong rhythmic foundation for the rest of these elements to stand on, while still matching the frantic performances of their bandmates.

Enjoy Deadset’s first of glimpse of what the new year holds. Stream it below.