Scarecrow Dave - "lo-fi music for a hi-fi world"

By Rachel Jane Lynn

As someone who loves music but doesn't know how to play any instruments (despite playing some violin and piano when I was a kid), I often envy the talent of the musicians I come across - and I think I've always sorta let the fear that I might not be any good at playing music stop me from ever giving it a shot. But, after sitting down with Jason LeGear from local band Scarecrow Dave it's become pretty clear that with a little help from your friends (and some motivation, of course) this is a skill anyone can learn. 

Scarecrow Dave consists of Jason LeGear (vocals, guitar, primary songwriter), Lucas Hennessy (drums), and Genna Langum (bass). The band got started in a DIY house/space when Jason purchased a drum kit and Lucas (his at the time roommate) stated that he "[had] always wanted to learn how to play drums." Initially, the two had no plans to play outside of their practice sessions, but they slowly progressed into the band they call themselves today. Genna joined the two in October and the sound of her bass has been central to their direction as a group. Their goal is and "continues to be" to not take themselves too seriously and "cheesy as it may sound - to have fun." Their name is an homage to the scarecrow whom they called Dave; Lucas made him from the trash/tires that had been chucked on top of their garage. 

Their sound consists of lo-fi rock with folk roots. Jason names their influences ranging from indie folk band The Mountain Goats to Modest Mouse. They're currently working on a new album in a local studio. However, the band records a majority of their songs in basements and living rooms directly onto their phones - seeking to create a "raw, gritty, imperfect" sound. Their song, "Contradictions" (see below) displays that kind of feel. Taking after their influences, their goal is to create music that lacks the mass production that goes into making lots of the material we come across today. "We're all self-taught musicians. Anybody can play music. That's the beauty of it." 


Check out their upcoming shows:

1/27 @ High Dive w/ Tonbi Claw & American Monroe

2/18 @ Bremen w/ Deep Femme & 3D Printer & Scrimshaw