HRSH - Osmosis (Prod. HRSH)

by: Ali Shana

Hip-hop's roots show strength in numbers and mob-mentality. It is essential to the scene's networking while collective emcees often pursue a uniform style. This is not the case with Illinois-based artist HRSH. Hailing from the seven-member hip-hop group High Five, HRSH's latest release 'Osmosis' is an airy and slow-paced track. Although this vibe can be found in the artist's 'Talking About Practice' EP released six months prior, HRSH produced 'Osmosis' himself, allowing complete creative control. The lyricist did not disappoint in taking this opportunity to the next level. Stylistically, HRSH plays with a familiar cadence perfect to bob your head too. This easy-listening flow paints a picture in the listener's head.  The story starts with everyday habits and progressively gets more morbid. His straight-forward lines express increasingly dark content while being spoken in a calm, OG tone.

For example, "I need to know if I can keep you close? Or will you fold? I'm way too high, a bleeding nose, I need a dose." 

While this track is a showcase of talent, it is also very much an odd-ball that will keep you listening. Stream the glitchy and light headed track 'Osmosis' below.