Mark Adams' Son of Bill - "Pre-Shit Age Rock"

By Rachel Jane Lynn

Anyone who's ever spoken with Milwaukee-based Mark Adams knows that he refers to this period of time as the "shit age" - which although is based completely on logic, still cracks me up. When I asked him how he would describe his band, Mark Adams' Son of Bill, he said "stuff people would've liked 25 years ago... or pre-shit age rock." The band is composed of Mark on guitar and vocals, Spencer Powers on drums, and Simon Beno on bass. With a particularly 90s sound, the band works together to create music that stems from their influences (i.e. early Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr., TAD, Mudhoney, etc.)

Songwriting holds an importance to Adams; "I like songwriters that have an honest and vulnerable delivery that don't make words seem to jump off the page and suddenly have a shit load of meaning. Neil Young and J Mascis [of Dinosaur Jr.] come to mind." To date, Adams has written all the songs and lyrics. "I bring songs to the table with a pretty good idea of what they are and then we start working them out as a band and the other two guys finalize the idea and improve upon it by typically expanding on my rough thoughts of what the drums and bass should kinda be doing...  I don't like happy songs so I don't usually write them. They bum me out."

The group is recording their second record and it will come as no surprise that it is titled Living in the Shit Age. Adams mentioned that the recording process has been moving along a bit slowly. An expected release is around late summer/early fall. The songs that will appear on the record have gotten good responses live and the band is excited for the release. He went on to say, "I like them a lot. And I don't like much." 

I asked Adams two questions in which I was very interested in hearing him answer: 1) What does the future of music hold? and 2) Is grunge dead? His response? "I think people need to get off their phones." Fair enough. Put down the damn phones, kids. 

Check out their bandcamp here and their song "no one likes you" below or see 'em live on March 10th @ Club Garibaldi's