Majority Pork - Seven Costanza's Farwell Record

By Rachel Jane Lynn

This past Tuesday, to the dismay of many locals, Seven Costanza released their farewell record, Majority Pork. The album exhibits the wide range of sounds that the group so often experiments with. Mixing punk, garage tones reminiscent of Weezer, along with funk and esteemed classic rock tones, there is something for everyone to dig on this release.

There is a cheekiness to this album that is unique compared to the rest of the outfit's catalog. It comes to no surprise that this group is acquainted with the local group Scrimshaw. We predict there may be some direct nods and influences to the off-kilter styling of some of these Milwaukee-based musicians. Although this arrangement is deceased, we look forward to any chance of seeing these guys in different arrangements and possibly, reunited some day. 

The eight-track record starts off with "Shoshanna," displaying their heavier, punk side while progressing into a grungy Breeders-like sound. The commencing riffs on track six, "Clean Machine," disclose we're in for a treat - and they just might convince your brain that it's 1994. Escape the Trump era and decide for yourself.

Check out the release below. (Seinfeld fans: take note of the album art for some laughs.)