Janelane - LA Garage Pop with Teen Spirit

By Rachel Jane Lynn

Although I'm not exactly sure how I came across Janelane (perhaps it was during one of my Daria binges... Jane also happens to be my favorite Daria character), I stumbled upon their Facebook and Soundcloud page a few years ago and have been in love with their music ever since. The Los Angeles group is composed of Sophie Negrini on vocals and guitar (Sophie also plays guitar for Peach Kelli Pop), Tim Franco on guitar, Jason Funston on bass, and Shelly Schimek on drums.

Janelane's sound is reminiscent of 90s power pop bands like that dog. and The Muffs while sounding a bit like an old 45 you might find beside a Lesley Gore single at your local record store. I am also reminded of Alaina Moore's vocals from twee pop duo Tennis when I hear Sophie sing. The outfit's lyrics consist of romance, heartbreak, angst, despair, etc. and although they might not be teenagers anymore, there is a youthful feel to their music that allows their audience to travel back to their teen years without having to experience all of that hormonal bullshit. 

I talked briefly with Sophie and she stated, "All of my songs are kind of emotional hurricanes... it's funny because a lot of people think we are a happy band, just by how we look and dress and talk onstage... but pretty much all of the songs are sad, as they stem from heartbreak. Writing music is definitely more of an emotional outlet rather than a fun hobby. I write most of Janelane's lyrics crying on the floor with my acoustic guitar. True fact." 

I'm hesitant to say their music is "relatable," for the sake of sounding like a cliché...but, it really is. There is a Janelane song for everyone. My personal favorite is "Waking Up Is Such a Drag" - I've never been a morning person (probably never will be) and currently am having a love affair with my bed. "Another Drug" is an ideal song to put on when you are feeling particularly abandoned. Sophie croons, "Was I just another drug you wanted to try? Use me up and burn me out with no goodbye..." Listen to these gems below. 

Janelane is hard at work on their first official record which is expected to be released mid-late 2017. Until then, be sure to check out their Bandcamp and many demos on Soundcloud.