PREMIERE: "Ghostess" & "Only Give You Business" (Ghostess Remix by Seakn) by The Fatty Acids

With characteristically modern styling, Milwaukee’s own Fatty Acids’ bring us their second release "Ghostess" from their upcoming LP "Dogs of Entertainment". The album will be releasing via Forged Artifacts and Gloss Records on 2/21/17 and you can pre-order your copy here and here. Along with this track, the Fatties are also releasing a remixed version by Seakn.

On behalf of the remixed version, Fatties member Josh Evert explains, "I met Seakn through our mutual friend WC Tank. I had admired the production he did on Tank's 'Kisscry Patina.' I later became a huge fan of 0CUL1, the futuristic, Deltron-ish collaboration between Seakn and Tank." He also noted, "the remix is much darker than anticipated, but I fell in love with it. He's one of Milwaukee's brightest."

Seakn's first project "Triggers to Moisture" was one of 2014's best Milwaukee releases and it was largely ignored by most Milwaukee music blogs. However, we can look forward to more collaborations from these artists, as Evert alluded to a projected 2020 release of a medieval rap album from Tank, Seakn and himself. 

With the classic Fatties mix of synth, harmonic vocals and reeling guitars, there is a distinctive difference between this album's releases compared to the rest of the group's catalog. Known for their attentiveness to tone and musical structures, the releases from this album have shown a greater maturity and development of these qualities. The songs are carefully constructed, involving an alliance between digital and classic sounds. Seakn's remix heightens this feature, taking it to a completely different level. There is a notably complex level of composition within these songs - contributing to the group's veteran status as staple Milwaukee musicians. "Ghostess" is a satisfying glimpse of what we can expect from the full LP release. Stay freaky, everybody. 

We present to you: "Ghostess" and the Seakn remix below. Enjoy & make sure to catch the dudes lives at their local release events, coming soon:


album art by Rachel Sanders