Video: 'Pastor' - Dad

By: Steph Baghai

Two weeks ago, we premiered Dad's lasted banger "Pastor", the second single from the rapper's tape 'Dadscension'. With the premiere, we mentioned a soon-to-be-released visual accompaniment - and it doesn't disappoint.

The Milwaukee-based artist noted the mid-point of his trilogy was developed during a turbulent time and that the works would represent his reflections. Well, in classic Dad style he's made a point to share his deep turmoils with a (dark) comedic twist. The Cellar Dweller-shot video follows the Pastor, aka Dad, in a heavily symbolic exorcism that is equally other-worldly. 

The video comes as no surprise, Dad's videos are anything short of a compilation of amusing satires and light-hearted portrayals. In the latest visual, the battle between two forces are depicted with a comical aesthetic that lightens the darker-toned track. The visual ties together the various elements that emanate Dad and what to expect from his next tape. 

Check out the video below. Bless.