Charly Bliss - Fuzzy Bubblegrunge

By Rachel Jane Lynn

If your taste leans towards the sounds of 90s alternative rock, there's a good chance you'll appreciate Charly Bliss (if anything, for the fact the band has opened for both Sleater-Kinney and Veruca Salt). The New York four-piece have received critical praise and their fanbase has expanded rapidly since the release of their single, "Ruby" (linked below) last spring. Around this time, I went to a few local record stores to track down a copy of their EP Soft Serve, to no avail. The staff at these stores had never heard of 'em. Today, they seem to be all over my Facebook news feed; from coverage in Nylon Magazine to Fader, their forthcoming debut album, Guppy, is among one of the most anticipated releases of 2017. 

This past month, they released "Glitter," the lead single off of Guppy. According to the group, the track began one way, and ended up quite differently. It's described by Eva Hendricks, Bliss' frontwoman, as being about "dating someone who's too much like you and it making you feel full of self-hatred. I initially meant for this to be an angry breakup song," said Hendricks to NPR. "But when I read the lyrics back, I realized that all of the mean things I had written could just have easily be said about me and the way I behaved in that relationship." 

"Glitter" finds the band incorporating new sounds like synthesizers into the upbeat bubblegrunge sounds they've come to be known for. "Percolator," the second single off of Guppy, is a bit more reminiscent of their previous releases while continuing to display their glossier side. Much of Bliss' fanbase has commended the group for reviving the power pop sounds which Weezer notably popularized in the 1990s.

Guppy is set to be released on April 21. Until then, listen to "Glitter" and "Percolator" below.