Platinum Boys - Buzz

Milwaukee renowned Platinum Boys dropped their sophomore album yesterday, Buzz: a model display of good ol' rock n' roll. The Boys show some divergence from their former releases and if you take note, their performances show some evolvement as well. To quote guitarist Matt Pappas from the group's Sentinel interview, "We've changed a little bit and matured." Buzz encompasses a wide range of sounds. They show us their appreciation for classic country melodies with the slower track "Lord Knows."

Anyone who frequents local Milwaukee bars and well... is a human on planet Earth will relate to their sharp, honest lyrics. "I got so many friends, I can't even name 'em [...] life's so fast my head spins round and round [...] I'm looking for a good job that always pays me... but lord knows that won't save me." Ouch. Brilliance, as such, tends to be pretty melancholic. But, optimists: have no fear. Buzz remains consistently upbeat and a majority of these tunes make you wanna dance.


On tour since early March, The Boys are back in town (ba dum tss) as of today. Tonight, Cactus Club is hosting the album's release show. Be sure to attend and give them a warm welcome back to the city which seeks to supply their buzz. 

Give the release a listen below or a purchase a copy on the format of your choosing from their bandcamp