Roo$ki - Midnight Club EP

by: Ali Shana

Chicago hip hop artist Roo$ki has been making a name for himself over the last two years. However, his latest project 'Midnight Club EP' definitely showcases his best work yet.

Cover art by  Teejay Spencer

Cover art by Teejay Spencer

Throughout the EP, Roo$ki documents where he came from - and being damn proud of it. The rapper constantly reps his set, DASH MONEY and 197. Content wise, the artist doesn't hold back on mentions of robberies and violence. Although these topics are not necessarily relatable to the average listener, it's clear that this EP wasn't meant to be relatable. It was meant to show the listener the reality of his situation - truly demonstrating the art of storytelling. This style of honest lyricism, combined with the eerie and aggressive styled instrumentals of Rob $urreal, Mayhem Meech, Anti Adio and UGLYFRIEND, creates a warlike vibe. The music is percussive and in your face, and Roo$ki's intense delivery creates a sense of urgency - essentially, creating warrior music.

Needless to say, the artist's Chicago roots will always be apart of his music. The artist continues to work with fellow DASH MONEY 197 artists such as Sawbuck and Dutch. The state of modern day hip hop needs more artists like Roo$ki, artists with no gimmicks and real lyricism.

Stream 'Midnight Club EP' below and keep your eyes peeled for this creative's next move.