PREMIERE: Bad Set of Moods - Soul Low

We are pleased to announce that Milwaukee-based legends, Soul Low, come to us on this dreary 4/20 with the single "Bad Set of Moods" off of their anticipated new record. The album "Cheer Up" is set to release June 30th via Gloss Records. With some key distinct Soul Low styling, this song sheds light onto a more mature group of boys. "Bad Set of Moods" is composed with a sense of tightness - a step away from some of the lo-fi early recordings we've heard from the rock outfit.

photo by: Phillip J. Hoffmann

photo by: Phillip J. Hoffmann

Sam Gehrke (resident bassist) explains, "Jake (guitarist & vocalist) came to us with the main melody and chord progression, which made crafting the first half pretty straight ahead. The second half, the more groovy section, however took us a while to figure out. We tried so many different ways to end the song. One practice we let ourselves not overthink what to do after that dang break and simply followed into the what you hear on the song. Once Charlie (drummer) and I built out the vibe, Jake went in with the melodies and guitar solo and ta da, we had our little song."

This track is a perfect reminder that summer is almost here. The instrumentals give us a sense of charismatic charm. Yet, the lyrics on this song are notably glommier in contrast to the bright melodies and upbeat rhythm. Gehrke continues, "the lyrics for the song were, as they usually are, written by Jake. We wanted to pursue a darker overall theme for the record lyrically and pair that mood with really fun and energetic instrumentals."

With "Bad Set of Moods" as our preview to what the boyos have been cooking up, we can be sure to expect a different vibe and tone from the group. Gehrke reiterates, "we're really drawn to the idea of an exterior which presents itself as lively and exuberant while also having a sinister underbelly. We wanted to explore that duality throughout this new record."

Listen to "Bad Set of Moods" by Soul Low below. Be sure to catch the dudes live at a rager near you.

4/21 @ JR House (Lansing, MI)
4/22 @ StoopFest (Grand Rapids, MI)
4/28 @ Arte Para Todos, Franks Power Plant (Milwaukee, WI)
5/12 @ Point Area Bicycle Service (Stevens Point, WI)
5/13 @ Palmers Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
5/20 @ Gloss Weekend, Jazz Gallery (Milwaukee, WI)