CXCW: The DIY Festival that threads Milwaukee's Music Scene together

By: Stephanie Baghai

Croc by Croc West, the SXSW-riffed festival is a surprising take on Milwaukee's local music scene. The three-day festival is brought to you by Big Croc, a DIY record label based out of Riverwest, Milwaukee. Working with Angee Verish of CoolHunting, the group wanted to host an event that would appeal to their own tastes. They wanted it to be fun and benefit artists and fans alike.

The label spurred from River Rats, a local band, that decided to record on their own platform and provide a channel for artists to distribute their music. The trio, Kendall Cook, Kelsey Korpela and Liam Harrington, decided to curate a collection of local artists that vary in genre but are all connected through a common thread. And it shows. The line up includes electronic sets, rock bands, and ends every night with a DJ set.

Whether for the bands or just to check-in, all of CXCW's proceeds will go toward Wisconsin Wetlands Association (to keep in with their swamp style) and there will be free Ian's pizza every night... it's a win-win situation. Don't miss the festival June 1-3, 2017 at Quarters (21+, $5/night - no presale).