R. Bravery - Kuro Tetsuo

J Scott kunkel

J Scott kunkel

Today, Ruby Yacht affiliate R. Bravery brings us the new album 'Kuro Tetsuo' via bandcamp. The first time you hear an R. Bravery loop, it may sound like it was slapped together on accident. The second time it plays, it's a hypnotizing lo-fi canvas for more to come. R. Bravery's 10-track 'Kuro Tetsuo' is an unorthodox approach to instrumental music. Tracks like 'Reflect Ring', which bleeds into 'REM Speedwagon', can't be tied down the label of hip-hop. The project is full of curveballs and unexpected drum hits over dusty samples. For this reason, Kuro Tetsuo can be described as experimental and psychedelic. 

Most songs on the project are under two minutes, making each track a glimpse into a hazy daydream, just long enough to bob your head to. A little more than half way through the album, the track 'Rubble Boss' plays, which samples some dialogue before absolutely turning around. Every track on this albums flows into the next. The entire project can be seen as one long, foggy song where little chops of reversed drums and anime samples decide to play and leave.

Aside from the "name your price" album, to reach out to fans, Brando is also offering two-dollar haiku's by Brando available for purchase as well. R. Bravery writes, "I will email you a personalized haiku based on your social media presence. If you catch me on the road, I will write you one about your outfit on the spot. 
Includes unlimited streaming of Keep Up! (Instrumental) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more."

So stream away - pay for the music - let your conscience be free.