PREMIERE: Tony Tambien - I'm Covered In Grime (Video)

Recently, Milwaukee-based producer and DJ Tony Tambien packed up his bags and moved to NYC to pursue a different way of living. In the meantime, he's been busy cooking up some new music and beat tapes. Today, the artist brings us a visual to accompany the new banger "I'm Covered In Grime" being released via RealDadShit. The aesthetic of the visuals and musical stylings naturally arrive at similarities between this no-longer local Tony and well-known names such as Madlib or Flying Lotus. The images are at times unsettling. There is also a good amount of odd humor and silliness that tie together the steady flow of the glitch / triphop jam.  

Tony Tambien recently detailed the video's creation to us, "The video came out of a collaboration between myself and Brian Jude of Cellar Dwellers. I told Brian I wanted some weird disturbing shit. Brian works on all of Dad's stuff so I already knew that it would fit my vibe. We share a similar sense of humor and I think that is weirdly reflected between all the gruesome footage. I think of this song as a sample of what's to come from me as a producer. When I was living in Milwaukee, I was working with a lot of different people and DJing for Milwaukee rappers like Dad, Zed Kenzo and Chakara Blu."

With the change of scenery, Tony Tambien has been able to find new inspiration in his musical endeavors. With the anticipation of the artist's new beat tape, we hope to get more of what this release offers - classic hip hop sampling with a good sense of freedom and meandering. "I'm Covered In Grime" is mixed in with a healthy side of goofy vintage educational video content, an added carefree effect. Yet, in terms of theme, there is a strong sense of grime to the coupling of the visual and song. A metaphor of death and decay... the process of life is apparent in the video. With images of lust, spook, and mass extinction, we are left feeling a little uncomfortable... while our heads keep bobbing. Tony Tambien told us that his influences range from Sonic Youth, Portishead, DJ Shadow, Alchemist, Bon Iver, EI-P, and MF Doom - some added insight to the subversive yet comical horror. Tambien explained, "In January I moved to NYC and finished my beat tape 'Patterns of Rumination'. This song is the first single off of that beat tape. As of right now I have been working a lot with WC Tank, Lex Luger (another Milwaukee by NYC producer) Dad and a few others I can't name right now. "

We hope the producer continues to collaborate with some of our local Milwaukee favorites. However, from what we can tell, the producer seems to be finding new space and sounds in their new environment - mingling together various influences and styles. Needless to say, the release of 'Patterns of Rumination' will likely be rolling through on some freshly developed waves. 

Stream "I'm Covered in Grime" by Tony Tambien below.