Queen Tut - Cantaloupe (Prod. Q the Sun) Music Video + Lookbook

by Ali Shana

Take a step back and remember your favorite hip-hop tracks from the early 2000s. Every Timbaland produced beat had drums that knocked. Missy Elliot's unapologetic talent made the culture competitive, both lyrically and on the dance floor.

Now come back to present, but don't get too comfortable: because the roots of hip-hop have evolved immensely. 

Femcee Queen Tut's 'Cantaloupe' is truly an innovation of sonics and visuals. The project as a whole displays self expression through various mediums: Tut's confident delivery over Q the Sun's experimental juke production, the eye-candy music video shot by Von Harris, and the consistently colorful lookbook shot by Mahdi Gransberry.

The collaboration of individual creatives implementing their craft doesn't stop there, either. Fashionable Demand's creative set-director Michael Ja'Ameer , as well as artist & choreographers Britell Higgens and Shaverick Allen, contributed to this stylistically-cohesive masterpiece. 

Any production by Q the Sun is unpredictable and attention grabbing, to say the least. The drumbeats that once 'knocked' for b-boys and b-girls now slap for youth.

This instrumental is synth heavy, bass-driven and uptempo. Its rapid percussion patterns and booming backbone create the perfect platform for real Tut's lyricism - no trends, gimmicks, or short cuts.

Tut demonstrates her swagger throughout the video in multiple ways. From every outfit & hairstyle change, to every cadence switch up, Tut stays true to her black-and-proud style. The bright hollywood-like lights behind compliment the visual's feel of stardom.

Invite yourself to a world light blues and pink color pallets by checking out the 'Cantaloupe' music video below and lookbook here.