Graham Hunt - Same Things

Yesterday, Milwaukee-based musician Graham Hunt shared a new track via bandcamp called "Same Things". The 'yacht rock' tune is a nice addition to your ~end of the summer~ soundtrack. “We all want the same things, in a world that's always changing & wanted to be different until it starts to show", the chorus muses. It is an anthem that many of us 20 somethings can relate to. 

Hunt spoke to us about the writing process for "Same Things", shedding light on the easy-going style of the song. "I had 'It's Too Late' by Carole King stuck in my head, so I started kind of riffing on it and making stuff up while singing along. I accidentally came up with the melody for the new song this way." There is a certain swirling quality that is seen in both 'It's Too Late' and 'Same Things' that characterizes the tone and mood of the track. All-in-all, Hunt succeeds in the creation of a very relatable and easy to digest pop song in 'Same Things'.

The production of the single is pure DIY. “Same Things” was recorded and mixed by Hunt at Silver City Studios, a new space that he co-founded with Josh Evert and Andrew Jambura. Hunt even created the song’s cover art himself.


To track the Carole King-inspired idea, Hunt recruited a few of his good buddies, who happen to also be talented musicians. "I asked a few of the best musicians I know to play on it before I even finished the song, they all said yes. I couldn't get us all in the same room at the same time because we're all so busy so I've just been sort of piecing it together whenever I had free time over the last couple of months." While Hunt is known for his work with Midnight Reruns, Soda Road, Sundial Mottos and Midwives, this solo effort is a refreshing change of pace, honing into a more specialized and personalized sound from the musician. Needless to say, we are looking forward to the to hearing more tracks like this from Hunt, as it seems the new studio is giving him a greater platform for exploration and experimentation.