PREMIERE: Dad - Return The Slab

by: Ali Shana

We are thrilled to premiere the most recent installation in the Dadcension saga, "Return The Slab". 

The days of slab music topping the charts are gone. Conveniently, so are the days of hip hop music's top-of-the-charters requiring a major label's help.

Today in hip hop, Dad's decided that slab culture is back...along with the 'Courage The Cowardly Dog' cartoon series, cancelled in 2002.

A major component of Dad's appeal is his sheer and relentless love for Houston hip hop and its slab culture. His unadulterated H-Town signature flow over the Courage The Cowardly Dog sampled beat, courtesy of producer Tony Tambien, is one that doesn't stop kicking.

This hazy music video does as the track's title suggests. But it also showcase's the dopest weirdo in a Texas jersey, holding it down for Milwaukee, the candy-paint-job culture of the South and a nostalgic cartoon for us 90s kids. With that being said, the video does it damn well.

Cellar Dwellar videographers Brian Jude and and Matt Bordman capture a day in the life of Dad. Color tints, gritty filters, and special effects are constantly being tampered with throughout the video, complimenting the track's sedated sound.

To list a few a storyline elements, the rapper whips his car around, smokes a joint, and bodies the track while grilling veggie burgers. Scenes of Courage The Cowardly Dog overlap shots of Dad just enough to keep the viewer guessing. 

Watch the video below & stay tuned for the Dadscension release party with DAD, Team Ugly, Jay Lopez + Dunzo, happening on September 8th at Company Brewing. Don't sleep.