Sundial Mottos - Self-Titled EP

by: Steph  Baghai

Earlier this week, Sundial Mottos released their debut without any reservations. The five track compilation is a clear example of how the Milwaukee music scene has progressed. Mastered by Justin Perkins and engineered and mixed by Kenneth Sabbar at Silver City Studios, the group has set themselves apart with a clean, distinct sound that is a concoction of dream pop charm and melancholy soundscapes. Without knowing, one would assume the group has been together for a period of time but, surprisingly, the band is fairly new. They use a variety of techniques that demonstrate their well-developed talents - and it's no surprise, while the band itself is a new project, members of the Milwaukee-based band are well versed and play off each other to form the well-suited group. 

The self-titled album EP is perfect for the season transition with nostalgic melodies that reminisce on relatable coming-of-age self-reflections. With hazy distortions, catchy hooks, and ambient guitar manipulations, the wistful sound provides the perfect escape to minuscule worries. With such a powerful start, we're excited to see what's in store for the group.