@NORTHEASTFLOZ - Heel Turn Vol. 2 (Prod. Nancy Amore)

by Ali Shana

Detroit-raised Texas Emcee NORTHEASTFLOZ offers in-your-face lyricism on his two-track EP 'HEEL TURN VOL. 2'. The rapper's laid back cadence over the airy, murky instrumentals serves as a disclaimer - he isn't fucking with anybody. This is especially emphasized in the opening track, 'PERSONALITY.' 

The artist puts his skills to the test on 'EGGSHELL WHITE'. Here, NORTHEASTFLOZ spits faster and more in-depth, bringing the personality from the first track to life. You can hear the story of a man chasing the bag, totally unimpressed with the people around him. Lyrics such as "fuck me up on the low, worried about yo appearance/cuz I got places to go, you got people to visit" showcases the competitiveness that was championed in the glory days of hip-hop. 

Hip-hop is no longer regional, no longer dependent on the backing of a label, and constantly questions the algorithms before it. That's what makes this EP, produced by Chicago's Nancy Amore, stand out. Without any prior information, the listener has no idea who these individuals are. Instead, they provide imagery of what they're living and what their pursuing. Nancy Amore, who has a number midwest collaborations under his belt, doesn't fail when it comes to fresh, unorthodox beats. Stream 'HEEL TURN VOL. 2' below.