PREMIERE: J Lamo - Homer Simpson ft. Blizz (Prod. Blvck Vmish)

J. Lamo has been on our radar for awhile and remains underrated within the local hip hop scene. Today, we are premiering a new single from the rapper, "Homer Simpson ft. Blizz (Prod. Blvck Vmish). The track features a common trait from J.Lamo's music, setting him a part from the heard. Modern rap has narrowed in on a very specific flow. In the midwest, many rappers tend to naturally riff from Chance the Rapper, in terms of their delivery and flow. J.Lamo steers clear of this comparison, integrated an off-kilter cadence and lyrical styling. 

"Homer Simpson" is a smooth track that should be listened to when you're looking to sit back and relax. Lamo calls it "pre-game music". Blizz brings in an upward moving energy to the track with his verse, equalizing the smooth song and allowing for a well-balanced finish. There is a lighthearted mood to the song, weaving in The Simpson's character's notorious "d'oh" into a rhyme.

Produced by, Blvck Vmish, a group based in Cali. He met them through one of the producers named Ayodlo out of Denver. Lamo explains, "he sent the beat to me and I added Blizz on there because I’ve been a fan of his work and I knew he’d add the spitter swag I was looking for."

Overall, this premiere keeps us paying attention to the artist and eager to see what else he's been cooking up. J.Lamo is slated to perform Arte Para Todos this year, Friday April 27th at Frank's Power Plant

album art by Ryan Butts