PREMIERE: INFINITE (prod. by Mammyth) by DAD

Although DAD has been away from Bethlehem for a while, he has surprised us this morning with an Easter homily. "INFINITE (prod. by Mammyth)" is accompanied by a visual from CellarDwellar. In a time of spiritual uncertainty, we can look to DAD to show us the holy way. With images of the pope, and religious sculptures, we feel it's safe to say that DAD has been reaching higher ground during his time away. 

The video contains clear themes of spirituality, awakening, and being blessed, a sense of mystique. 

When I was sent this mysterious hyperlink this morning from the Holy Father (our dad and savior), I asked him what he's been up to, during his time away. He responded, "I've been dadscending for the past year or so, I don't know. Roaming the desert for 40 days and 40 nights." He then added, "Big baby Jesus is back again to bless his children."

So, have no fear all. DAD is alive and doing well. This single is the first to come out from his full LP "Holy Father" scheduled to release later this year. 


video by CellarDwellars, shot by KJ and edited by WesNile