DAD - Treehuggin (video)

This weekend was full of alternative holidays. Though many of us aren't particular interested in participating in the traditional holidays that can sometimes surround upon awkward family interactions, buying gifts for people you don't really know, and eating the same dishes every year, this weekend was jacked up with some of the best alt holidays in this nation. On the infamous 420, DAD released the audio for his new song, Treehuggin' by DAD and London Yellow. Record Store day passed us and not a peep from our holy father, however. But our patience paid off yesterday, when DAD threw out the visual for the song, accompanied with a blend of appreciations of both 420 genre as well as Earth Day. 

DAD explained, "This song is for earth day, cause I was raised in a Forest by bears and I love trees, I'm doing a show in Pittsburgh tonight where I am planting a tree after midnight for earth day, Captain Planet is my favorite super hero, London Yellow is my friend from Pittsburgh and the 'head' of Glasshead (headass) Glasshead is a super cool media company/collective of artists from Pittsburgh   And they shot and edited the video, Tombo from Milwaukee produced the track, I told him I needed some real tree hugging shit and so of course we had to sample the woodland flute." 

As most of readers know, DAD has been away from his homeland for quite some time at this point. But he will be ending his journey this week, returning for his COMEBACK performance at this year's annual Arte Para Todos festival, the largest local music festival in the city. 

Prepare for his holy return, video below.