riQothemenace - 'cantgo' & 'bigtyme'

by Ali Shana

riQothemenace’s latest release ‘cantgo’ is an upexpected musical direction for anyone who’s been following the Milwaukee-based artist’s previous catalog. Interestingly enough, though, Riqo says this slower and darker track still isn’t the ideal sound he’s been looking for. “It isn’t the sound, but it’s the rapping sound,” he explains.

Even this sentiment of disconnect towards the song compliments with the lyrical theme. The Milwaukee-based artist speaks on broken homes and emptiness on the song’s slow, sorrowful instrumental. While ‘cantgo’ focuses on emotion, the follow up track ‘bigtyme’ gives more context:

I aint really been good since the start of ‘06/Daddy tried to build a house and they caught em with a brick/Had to realize quick, I’m a son of a bitch/Couldn’t even break it to me when he left on Christmas.

Born in Louisiana, the 22 year old emcee says he’d be making R&B if he could sing to his own standards. Riqo is somewhat of an eclectic, saying he could write for any genre including opera. Since his 2015 mixtape, heavily utilizing production from Kutthrowt and Lean Beatz, Riqo continued to experiment with music. ‘Cantgo’ and ‘bigtyme’ is just our first glimpse of that process.

Of the two new tracks, ‘cantgo’ is much more melodic and drawn out with vocal effects. And while ‘bigtyme’ shares a common bleakness, it still centers around the fact that the artist is trying to make it big time. This may not be the final creative direction for riQothemenace, but the lyrics are genuine and the music slaps. Stream ‘cantgo’ and ‘bigtyme’ below.