Lil Wok - Loneworld Soldier

by Ali Shana

Lil Wok’s ten-track ‘Loneworld Soldier’ is like gaining star power while playing Super Mario on a Nintendo 64. The static cadences catch little pockets of air over bright, 808 driven candy-like beats.

Wok says his influences on this tape range from Slipknot to Bon Iver and Adele. This could explain why the mood of the music is sometimes aggressive, other times laid back and a bit gloomy. These lyrical moments compliment the outros to ‘Ex Girlfriend’ and ‘Paid In Full’, which slow into half speed, hazy play outs.

The straight up titled track ‘Lil Wok’ starts off with him saying “I feel like RL Stein or some shit.” This song tastefully uses low and high pitched layers making it a perfect sedated break in the middle of the track list.

While Wok’s previous projects were also bass heavy and full of ad-libs, this project seems more consistent. The young Illnois artist produced a majority of the instrumentals. Even with a number of features, Loneworld Soldier keeps the same magnetic confidence throughout.

The number of talents, instrumentals, vocal effects and voices combine to make a great turn up soundtrack. Stream the project below.