Lil Wayne is one of the greatest influences on modern hip-hop, if not the greatest. The past couple months have been definite cause for concern for Weezy fans, including suffering a seizure on the flight home after playing a show in Milwaukee on June 12th. 

Additionally, this early September tweet caused a lot of speculation over Wayne's retirement, but he has since dismissed it. He performed at Chance the Rapper's 'Magnificent Coloring Day' festival in Chicago this past weekend. 

This all brings us to the point. It's Wayne's birthday. He's 34. He deserves to be honored. So Minneapolis rapper CRASHprez did just that. You read that right; after growing up in Maryland and living in Madison, WI for the last five years, CRASH is now a Minneapolis resident. 'DMC JR.' is just his second single since last year's November release of his album, 'More Perfect'. 

"Wayne is one of the reasons that I rap. I saw him perform [at Magnificent Coloring Day] last weekend and lost my fucking mind. I saw how everyone else did too. It was transcendental, indeed. I felt like it was a religious experience or something. I just wanna let the people, and the OG's like him, know that rap never went nowhere. I'm still here. Me and the people I'm proud to call the squad, we still here. I still love rapping my fucking ass off. I have Wayne to thank for that." 

For those in Madison, be sure to turn out for CRASH as he makes a temporary return this Friday (9/30), playing a show at Memorial Union Terrace. 9 PM, free, along with Trophy Dad and Zhalarina