MANWOLVES is a great example of what we're seeing in a lot of young artists and what we love to bring to our to pages... and that is the blending of genres. The 6-man outfit from Evanston, Illinois consisting of vocals, guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and trumpet clearly draws influences from all over the place. This manifests them into an effort you might call 'a hip-hop band'... but you might not.

The recent high school graduates are now committing to music full time. This is an exciting and justified development for sure: the band has racked up many thousands of plays on their November 2014 EP and a number of other singles. They've also been playing at some of Chicago's most notable venues (namely The House of Blues). 

'8:38' is their latest release, a single that shows a lot of what they can do and who they are. "We don't even really look back, we ain't trying to think about the past" is damn right. Keep an eye on MANWOLVES as they look to make big steps forward in the next year. Stream below.