Slow walker

Slow Walker - Clown

Whether it is because everyone is still in a summer frenzy or there just seems to be a growing interest in the genre, the garage and grunge rock world in Milwaukee is expanding. With numerous side projects, increasing crowds, larger festivals and frequent shows, bands are making their mark in the Good Land.

Slow Walker, a trio of rock and roll dudes, is one of the bands that are making the most of their summer. Since we first caught them at Tasty Fest, the group has been shredding more frequently. Their classic Rock and Roll incorporates garage rock with an experimental grunge, and slight psychedelic, approach. 'Clown', off their album Robert Plantain's Grunge Lords Vol. 1,  is a prime example of their true rock sound. While gritter than other songs from the compilation, various soft chord crescendos are matched with powerful drums, gritty guitars, deep bass lines, and unfiltered rock and roll vocals.

Catch them this Saturday at Boone Row 2016.