Dogs in Ecstasy - Do Me Ronnie

The term "alternative noise" has potential to foster limitless options. Alternative noise punk band, Dogs in Ecstasy, is anything but. This outfit is defining the wide-ranging genre with their separable rock sound. 'Do Me Ronnie' is a track with grimy undertones and a heavy rhythmic flow. This tune exemplifies their distinct garage punk sound.

'Do Me Ronnie', from their latest album, 'Welcome 2 Hell', contrasts reverb-heavy pulses with crude fuzz-boxed guitar chords without overwhelming chaos. It is well balanced with muzzled ominous riffs with chipper vocals and breaks. However, true to their garage punk roots, straight foward drum beats and simple bass patterns support the entirety of the up beat song.

Make sure to catch these guys with Phylums and Shannon and the Clams this Saturday at Company Brewing