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Quinn Cory

Editor in Chief
As both a writer and musician, Quinn has combined her two passions into one space. With a focus on critical analysis, she seeks to dig deeply into the drive and minds of our subjects, finding similarities and subtleties among them.  

Twitter: @quinncory


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Evan Froiland

Staff Writer / Editor / Social Media
Simply put, Evan loves music. His general affinity for music stemmed from his love for hip-hop, and he is passionate about exposing hip-hop as the positive, forward-thinking community that it is. Evan hopes to shed light to the world on all of the creative talent Milwaukee has to offer.

Twitter: @EvanFroiland

Ali Shana

Staff Writer
Ali has played in bands for years and was recently introduced to Milwaukee’s hip-hop scene. In response to the success of many artists, he started his own blog that covered the scene’s latest good news before getting involved with Explain. Now, Ali hopes to capture the essence of live shows, expose new releases, conduct meaningful interviews, and generally highlight the city’s creative energy. Ali raps himself and hopes to become a full time journalist that contributes to not only the rise of Milwaukee artists, but any artist that catches the team’s eye.

Twitter: @alitheshaman


Steph Baghai

Marketing / Staff Writer
As an avid music lover, Steph found her niche in being able to communicate and share her passion for music to a larger audience. She integrates her love for music and communication to share quality and moving pieces. Steph's devoted to discovering, recognizing and sharing genuine and unadulterated potential that she believes thrives within communities. 

Twitter: @stephbadguy